Creating a podcast is a very simple process- effectively we are creating a planned audio file.

Ok, how to record a podcast.
a) a simple USB microphone, such as the Logitech microphone available from for about £15
b) an iriver- a more expensive piece of kit, but a fantastic digital voice recorder
c) mobile phones almost all have voice recording functions. Using bluetooth dongels (which cost about £3 from amazon) files which pupils record, even for homework, can be transferred to any computer.

When you make the recording, if it is straight onto your computer, it is best to use Audacity on Windows and Garageband on Macs.

What you may need to do is to edit any recordings which you make. This is a reasonably simple process thanks to the free download, audacity (if you use Windows). If you use a Mac, Garageband, already installed, can be used for this.
To download Audacity, click here. In order to convert the recordings into MP3s, the most-usable file type, you will also need to download Lame. To download, click here.

When you have created your podcast, you will need to upload it to the Internet.
Probably the best way to do this is by using
For a guide to using podomatic, click here.